EERA JPSC Image Movie

Within 3 1/2 minutes, this movie introduces

.... Europe´s ambitious plans for energy efficiency, emissions reduction and economic regeneration and the therof resulting need for smart and sustainable cities

.... the aim and structure of the EERA Joint Programme on Smart Cities

Joint Programme on Smart Cities

More than half of the seven billion people on our planet live in cities and the trend towards urbanisation is gathering pace at an enormous rate. This has led to a drastic increase in urban energy consumption and associated CO2 emissions – almost two thirds of global energy is consumed in urban environments. The development of sustainable and energy-efficient “smart cities” is expected to move the energy system towards a more sustainable path. This will require an integrated systems view as well as innovative, intelligent approaches to the design and operation of urban energy systems. The Joint Programme on Smart Cities aims to develop new scientific methods, concepts and tools designed to support European cities in their transformation into smart cities. The key focus is on large-scale integration of renewable energies and enhanced energy efficiency, enabled through smart energy management at city level.

JP City Advisory Board

Main objectives

The main purpose of the “City Advisory Board” is to intensify knowledge exchange between the EERA JP on Smart Cities and their key-stakeholders, the cities. Being introduced as an important element of the JP´s organizational structure, the Board acts as a forum to express cities needs and to enable knowledge transfer with the overall goal to jointly accelerate and shape the smart cities transformation process.