About us

During its existence, EERA JPSC has produced a wide range of expert workshops and working documents: gap analyses, 30 cities for 2030, City Advisory Board meetings, the Simulation Task Force, a joint agenda for EERA JP Smart Cities – Urban Europe Research Alliance, an ECRIA application, Descriptions of Work, joint suggestions for implementation of the SET Plan Actions, a Mobility Task Force, workshops on Key Performance Indicators, a common data repository, user centred design, interoperability, living labs, transformational research / transition design, and so on.

Each of these workshops and documents start to define the aggregated knowledge and experience of the EERA JP Smart Cities Participants in terms of the research needed in order for Europe to create and scale up smart cities, and the type of cooperation instruments required between cities, industry and research in order to develop successful pilot projects on the ground. The EERA JPSC R&I Agenda 2019-2021 (in work) aims to integrate these into one overall long-term red thread for joint smart city research and innovation that could firmly establish EERA JP Smart Cities as a systemic solution provider.

In June 2018, EERA JPSC committed to be the executing body of PED mapping according to the objectives of the SET-Plan ACTION n°3.2 – “100 Positive Energy Districts by 2025 Implementation Plan”.



Annemie Wyckmans Program Coordinator
Norwegian University of Science & Technology (NTNU)