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News 06 March 2020

Driving Urban Transitions Partnership (DUT)

Our future relies on tackling complex grand challenges here and now, many of which must be addressed within cities and by urban communities. The DUT partnership addresses this complex set of urban challenges with an integrated approach to offer decision makers in municipalities, companies and society the means to act and enable the necessary urban transformations. The partnership will create a portfolio of measures and critical mass beyond joint calls to enhance its impact, build capacities in all stakeholder groups and contribute to the European mission on Climate-neutral and smart cities.

Joint Programming Initiative Urban Europe has issued a Communication Brief with updates regarding the development of the Driving Urban Transitions Partnership (DUT) short summary and full version, as well as an invitation to suggest experts for the upcoming PED Expert Workshop in Brussels on 26 March 2020. EERA JPSC is an active contributor to the DUT as well as the PED Expert Workshop, please contact us if you want to be involved more closely as a research institution or university!