EERA JPSC Working Groups

From 2023 onwards, the activities in EERA JPSC have been restructured into different levels of scale (building, neighbourhood, city). A just and resilient transition goes across all these scales, and which now also has a cross-cutting Joint Programme through the re-branded E3S EERA Joint Programme e3s

EERA JPSC Working Groups

  • Building
  • Neighbourhood
  • City
  • Just Transition


Besides energy, each of the levels can also include stakeholder engagement, mobility, climate change adaptation, digitalisation, nature-based solutions, and other topics related to the transition to climate neutrality.

Each working group will be working with the joint articles, joint project development, developing policy recommendations, outreach of group activities to a broader audience, and engagement of young researchers in all of these. The working groups can work across all these scales, of course - we can also work together on policy across scales, for example. 

Building Working Group
Neighbourhood Working Group
City Working Group
Just Transition Working Group